September 25, 2022

Boullion Bilk is an exquisite meal. While nothing is really groundbreaking, the intelligence and level of cooking is fantastic and the overall meal so incredibly well put together.

The evening was actually highlighted by our waiter (I'm sorry I forgot his name!). He was so friendly, upbeat, welcoming and accommodating, we looked forward to seeing him again every time he returned. He helped set the tone for a wonderful evening.

The sommelier was good. Knowledgable. The wines were appropriate to the meal. Solid, with one blowing me away. I would have preferred deeper descriptions of the wineries and such, but he did have a solid knowledge and was friendly enough.

The meal starts out with three light but delicious bites - tuna tartare, lobster in tomato water and veal tartare. I raised my eyebrow a bit at 2 different tartares but they were sufficiently different to not compete with one another. These bites were lively and really made you excited for what's to come. The sea urchin sauce that accompanied the veal was phenomenal. "How do they do that???" asked my friend Shay upon tasting the delicious tuna.

The meatier dishes (rabbit ravioli, fois gras and duck) were extremely well prepared. The rabbit ravioli dish was particularly excellent with perfect pasta, delicious chunks of rabbit and offsetting greens creating a dish you hoped would never end.

Desserts were solid. The first being very inventive - comte cheese and endive. Not sweet, but definitely ate as a predessert, gently guiding your palate toward dessert. The chocolate/coffee dessert delivered a generous and rounded finale.

This is a solid 1 (mayyyybe 2) star restaurant at a very accessible price point. It felt like a bargain given the high level of cooking we just enjoyed. Highly recommend for a terrific meal in Montreal. I'd be delighted to return.

Tuna, pear, lemongrass, white soy
Lobster dish...
Adding the sauce...
Lobster, tomato, plum, dichon
Veal tartare. Sea urchin cream was light and beautiful. Veal cut with perfectly sized and balanced apple chunks. Super smart and we'll put together dish. It shows real intelligence. Fresh, vibrant, unctuous veal balanced with the other flavors. Perfectly seasoned.
Ravioli. Medallions of rabbit were outside the ravioli, beautiful and rich and meaty. A citrusy vinaigrette cut through the more unctuous sauce and rich mushrooms. Perfectly house made and cooked pasta.
Fois gras, concorde grapes, caraway, walnuts. I don't typically love fois gras but this was so well prepared and paired on the plate, it was very enjoyable. That little string of peas was outrageously delicious.
Duck, strawberries, soy and truffle sauce, kohlrabi. Really well done. The star was actually that kohlrabi. It was soaked in something and had such a terrific flavor and texture.
Shredded.comte cheese, belgian endive, concord grapes, thin crostini for crunch, golden grapes chutney at the bottom. Nice sourness (endive, cheese) punctuated by the sweet grapes. VERY inventive - never had anything like it.
Chocolate, coffee, cocoa nibs


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