Claro is where New York and Oaxaca meet. A 4 course menu delivers authentic Mexican cuisine in a backyard atmosphere. “Claro” means “clear” and “of course” - a phrase that’s used to put a person at ease; a sentiment that permeates the style of service and dining the restaurant believes in.

Finding a solid place to eat in Brooklyn on a Monday night can be a challenge. I'm quite glad that Claro was open (and pretty busy!). For $80, you get a very generous 4 course Mexican meal with plenty of options to choose from.

They get an A+ for the feel of the place, the menu and the visuals of the dishes. All were superb. Even service, which is far more low-key and informal than your typical Michelin joint, was excellent. Case in point: a friend was perhaps going to join me about an hour in. I asked if the friend would be able to order a few things from the a la carte bar menu, given that the reservation is clear that the tasting menu is the only option in the dining room. "Typically no, but we'll be happy to make an exception." Though my friend never arrived, the server checked back. "We are about to put your main course in. Should we fire anything for your friend?" A really nice touch.

My napkin was even folded upon returning from the restroom. Not a given in a 1 star.

Would I rush back to Claro? Probably not. But I certainly wouldn't mind revisiting some time. It's a generous meal for the price point with very quality ingredients. If there is such a thing as a "neighborhood" Michelin place, this is it.

They do a really excellent job being who/what they are.

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