Cocina Madrigal Tacos + Tequila

Sometimes, a restaurant sneaks in here, not because it is high end, but because it is just so damn delicious. (See Pastasciutta.) I was just looking for some Mexican food. This place has 2200+ reviews and 4.7 stars. And you would drive by it. I would too. It's a hole in the wall. Walking into the place, there is nothing that would cause you to stay. Except that it was packed on a Monday night. Good sign.

Being solo, I sat at the bar. Had to get a margarita right? made limoncello added to it?? Yes, please. The bartender was cool, hip, working his tail off and just as helpful and friendly as you want him to be. I threw my food order at him.

Started with the appetizer trio - chips, salsa, guac and the Oaxaca Fundito. Dude. Zoom in on that stuff. It was insane. Addicting. So delicious I kept hoping I could eat way more than I knew I could. The chips were thin and crispy. Salsa was delicious. Guac was just outstanding - uber fresh. I kept thinking "They serve this level of food here??"

Then the tacos arrived. Dear Lord. They were beautiful, inviting and incredibly well made. The steak was tender and delicious. French-fried peppers and onions. Pomegranate marinade? Gorgonzola. It ate so well and sang together.

No room, but given the incredible quality to every bite so far, I had to see what they could do with churros. They did NOT disappoint. Churros infused with bavarian cream and served with creme anglais? Yes, please.

I'm hardly a Mexican connoisseur, but this was far and away the best Mexican I've ever had. If I'm ever in town again, I will beeline here. You should too.

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