November 15, 2021

Sometimes, a restaurant sneaks in here, not because it is high end, but because it is just so damn delicious. (See Pastasciutta.) I was just looking for some Mexican food. This place has 2200+ reviews and 4.7 stars. And you would drive by it. I would too. It's a hole in the wall. Walking into the place, there is nothing that would cause you to stay. Except that it was packed on a Monday night. Good sign.

Being solo, I sat at the bar. Had to get a margarita right? made limoncello added to it?? Yes, please. The bartender was cool, hip, working his tail off and just as helpful and friendly as you want him to be. I threw my food order at him.

Started with the appetizer trio - chips, salsa, guac and the Oaxaca Fundito. Dude. Zoom in on that stuff. It was insane. Addicting. So delicious I kept hoping I could eat way more than I knew I could. The chips were thin and crispy. Salsa was delicious. Guac was just outstanding - uber fresh. I kept thinking "They serve this level of food here??"

Then the tacos arrived. Dear Lord. They were beautiful, inviting and incredibly well made. The steak was tender and delicious. French-fried peppers and onions. Pomegranate marinade? Gorgonzola. It ate so well and sang together.

No room, but given the incredible quality to every bite so far, I had to see what they could do with churros. They did NOT disappoint. Churros infused with bavarian cream and served with creme anglais? Yes, please.

I'm hardly a Mexican connoisseur, but this was far and away the best Mexican I've ever had. If I'm ever in town again, I will beeline here. You should too.

Margarita with house-made limoncello. What??
Killer chips and salsa.
Freshly made guac. So good I made my neighbor at the bar try some.
Oaxaca Fundito. Oaxaca cheese, local longaniza sausage, roasted jalepenos, mushrooms, carmelized onions, epazote, corn tortillas. This was off the chain.
The Oaxaca Fundito put together. Addicting.
Tenderloin beef tacos, pomegranate marinade, chipotle aoili, fried peppers and onions, gorgonzola cheese
Churros, bavarian cream filled with creme anglaise and caramel sauce


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