January 23, 2020

I left nearly in tears. I had no idea food and hospitality could be delivered at such a high level. 28 courses over 3+ hours and every bite was better than the next. Service was impeccable - formal but friendly, welcoming and easy. 

Typically, for a tasting menu of 10-12 items, there will be 1-2 duds, lots of excellent dishes and 1 or 2 that absolutely blow your mind. Every single one of these 28 courses blew my mind. I didn't believe they could keep it up with such consistency and excellence, but they surely did.

The wine pairings were phenomenal and plentiful, evidenced by me almost falling down the stairs as they showed me to the restroom. :) They have a classics menu (the dishes they are known for) and a festival menu (dishes of the current season). They recommended the classics menu for a first visit and I followed their recommendation.

Disfutar (which means "Enjoy") lives up to its name and billing. Far and away the best restaurant I have ever attended. 

Frozen ladyfinger (welcome drink), made with rum, citrus. Super delicate. Feel apart in your mouth
Rose petals, 2 with rosewater beads, one with frozen white raspberry with lechee. No, you don't eat the rose petals. (I was wondering...they make sure to tell you that! LOL.) Paired with...
Beet root
Apple cider and dried ice, prepping for a few courses later
Chinese bun, fried, infused with caviar and creme fresh.
A sherry to die for. I now stock it in my house.
Walnut candy, mango
Adding oak smoke to the previously shown apple cider
Millefeuille made of cheese. Even the puff pastry is cheese. Filling is smoky goat cheese. So the smoke the Apple cider as well
Walnuts two ways. Oxidized and boiled 12 times both cured in sugar syrup, making even the shell edible. This was not part of my tasting menu. But I expressed interest in the technique during the tour of the experimental kitchen, so they wanted me to try them.
The preserved jars.
Gazspacho sandwich. See the next photo...
Their gazspacho was not made with vinegar. So they spray a very strong vinegar into this glass for you to sniff prior to each bite.
Anchovy, mackerel, green pepper (seeds and sauce), capers. Incredibly complex. Rich heat from the pepper seeds and pepper oils. Fatness from the anchovy and mackerel (which was unreal). Olive was actually cacao butter she'll with olive cream inside. So it burst in your mouth and turned into a rich syrup.
They take celery root (left) and pressure cook it for 14 hours turns black (right).
The dish. Served the black with sorbet of celery root. Sauce was like a deep beef gravy
Egg yolk tempura, bite the pastry, pour the yolk into the shell which had mushroom gelatin waiting. Best dish I have ever eaten.
Pouring the yolk...
The resulting amazingness
Deconstructed Ceviche. Peruvian pepper sorbet, monkfish cream, tigers milk
Razor clams with seaweed, cured in salt, finished with olive oil and the vinegar I smelled earlier. Paired with...
Crispy seaweed ravioli with sea urchin, wasabi and sesame oil spheres
Best wine label ever. From Italy.
Preparing my carbonara...
Adding a crazy amount of black truffle...
Carbonara, pasta made with seaweed gelatin and ham juice, with parmesan and shaved black truffle
Freeze dried tomato cracker with olive oil spheres. Paired with...
Liquid salad. The only part of the meal that I didn't love.
Lobster suchette, mashed potato, saffron aoili, parsley foam. Paired with same dish in cappuccino form (super rich like cheddar soup).
Wild hare and fois gras bon bon with edible silver flakes. Paired with...
Laksa, Malaysian noodle soup made with coconut milk
Corn and fois gras. Using technique they invented. Intense sweet corn flavor balancing the gamy fois gras
Squab breast cooked Yucatan style
Plant from Singapore which helps create the next dish...
Singapore leaf, make tea from it, mango sorbet mango spheres
Cheesecake cone, mango sorbet, mint. Come was like a fruit roll up. Base of cone had Graham cracker crust filling.
Dessert peppers and toast, finished with olive oil. Had a chocolate mousse with salt inside, a little peppery heat in the finish
Egg custard with yuzu, Chantilly cream, Amber with (some kind of) sugar infused with hazelnut oil, 16 year whiskey poured into my hands and rubbed in to enhance each element
Coffee and amoretto Swiss roll
Cotton candy with cocoa and peppermint (strong minty flavor and aromatic)
A last minute cancellation allowed me to eat in the dining room, 20 feet from the kitchen. I never heard anything louder than soft voice. I have no idea how they expedite, but the pacing was perfect.
Upon entry, I was warmly greeted by the head chef and owner who asked about where I was from and showed me the kitchen. Every chef greeted me as he did so.
The sommelier asked if I wanted to see the wine cellar. (Did I???) We must have spent 15 minutes discussing the wines in there, how he sources, etc. He then leads me out the back of the cellar to...
Their test kitchen. The two chefs share what they are working on, various techniques, etc. patiently answering any and all questions I have.
Jars preserving all sorts of things, such as the almonds they provided in my tasting.
They keep a book with every dish they have ever created.
They not only create the food, but also the physical dish(es) on which they are served. This wall holds the various dishware they have made in the past. They showed me the evolution of platings for the egg dish I would end up loving so much.


  • Cosmo Cater

    November 22, 2022 5:48am

    Great review! These were the same sentiments I had after a meal at Disfrutar.

  • paul buksbazen

    September 5, 2021 12:52pm

    I love this blog already!!!

  • Dave Shacket

    September 6, 2021 1:51pm

    Thanks Paul!


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