January 19, 2020

Holy hell. The sister restaurant of where I had dinner a few nights ago. EVERY item is made by fire. I sat at the counter and watched service for a few hours, which in and of itself was mind-blowing. The food was also so stellar.

Bread, olive oil, pickled veg, butter, pork rillette (which was so good!!)
Cockles in cast iron made in the wood fired oven. They were cooked perfectly, supple and juicy. How do you do that?? ("It's all about how they sound" said the chef.)
Skate in garlic cream sauce with spinach
Strip steak.
Bean salad.
The big fire in back simply produced embers, which fed (were shoveled into) two "grills" (guy on the left did all of this).
Dude cutting up lamb shank.


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