Upscale steakhouse from arguably the world's most famous chef.

I was quite sure that dinner at Tom Collichio's CraftSteak would be far superior, but wanted to check off a Gordon Ramsay restaurant. The tasting menu was very generous for the price and the food was solid. Nothing blows you out of the water (except the sticky toffee pudding!) but everything as well made and tasty. Disappointed my wellington was medium and not medium rare, but my bad for not sending it back (something the waiter was happy to have done).

Wine pairings were excellent, as was the service. The dessert wine is my very favorite wine on the planet (Dolce by Far Niente). When I expressed surprise that the wellington pairing was not Ramsay's Napa Cab, the waiter described that wine and why it was not a great match even sharing that the Cab was not the staff's favorite. He found an open bottle and poured me a bit to try - and his analysis was spot on. Demonstrated to me that they were more committed to the experience than just promoting Gordon, which says a lot.

Bottom line - this was solid. More solid than expected. But nothing exceptional. Pretty much what I expected. 

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