Nordic tasting menu with lots of surprises, in a space that has won the Worlds’ Best Designed Restaurant

Høst is an interesting restaurant. It seems to sit in a (previously unknown to me) middle ground between Michelin (with ingredients like hay ash and cow cheese) and good, "normal" dining (with service one would expect anywhere and an uber-rustic interior). The physical space seems to want to "hide" from you - servers are in brown, the walls are soft brown woods on brick, the tables are the same soft brown wood. 

I'm not criticizing, mind you. Sitting in this "tween" state is an interesting vision. I don't see how or where this restaurant could (or even wants) to push towards Michelin. And that's just fine, of course. I would love to speak with the owner and understand the vision - what they are trying to achieve. What success looks like to them.

The food screams well-sourced. Very Danish and land/vegetable driven. Almost too much. A number of dishes, the accompanying greens dominated and hid the protein (such as the crab). But things were super fresh and clearly thought through. The mussel soup was incredible and the desserts were just stellar.

This was intended to be a fun, easy stop ahead of 4 monster dinners. I chose this over Marchal (a French place with a star) and I'm glad I did. A nice, easy, quality meal.

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