Copenhagen saved one of the best for last. Kadeau is a Nordic-focused restaurant inspired by ingredients from the island that houses its original restaurant: the Island of Bornholm. Of all restaurants I visited, this one seemed the most truly Nordic. The food was simple and elegant yet you tasted the Nordic techniques and the ingredients harvested from that island. This was a special meal and one I would urge you not to miss when you're in town.

The dinner starts in their lounge just beside their beautiful and active kitchen. I had a Gin & Tonic, made with their own brand of gin, which was super floral (just as I like it!) and resulted in a terrific drink I didn't want to end. Various small bites were also provided and set the tone for the evening. The food, the flavors, the plating - all screamed excellence and intelligence.

Service was gracious and centered without being the least bit stuffy. With only 8 tables and a single seating each night, the restaurant almost seemed overstaffed. The team worked cohesively and you never felt for a moment that they weren't in complete control. As one example, I loved the positioning of the single-diner table (mine) pointed at the kitchen. It reminded me of Binkley's and was an inviting place to sit, through the entire dining room seemed to be the same. I will note the the other chair had been removed, as is appropriate.

The food at the table continued to endorse the fact that this restaurant brought intense skill to the table. Craftsmanship at the highest level. The meal resulted in three (yes, THREE) of my favorite dishes ever.

The double-smoked salmon was a wonder, for sure. It was so beautiful to look at and the meat the came out was so incredibly tender and flavorful, paired with terrific compliments. The first dessert was also incredible - flavor profiles I have had many times, but not with this depth of contrast and beauty.

Their bread course stole the show. It was so good I requested a 2nd dish of it - something I have never done prior to today. They graciously agreed and brought me another. This dish is so beautiful and such a tasty joy to eat, it is worth the entire price of admission.

I ordered the juice pairing with the meal - the 4th one I had in Copenhagen. Kadeau's juices were out of this world good. Every single offering was miles better than the other restaurant's versions. These were extremely delicious and super refined.

Service was outstanding. Perfect, even. There was only one flaw the entire night - a small hair I found in the pork dish. I can't decide how enormous a mistake that is. How many demerits, if you will. It's a huge problem at a place like this, for sure. But if I'm being honest, the food was so stellar, I kind of shrugged it off and went on enjoying. I didn't even tell the restaurant about it. The highs were so dang high, this low was easily ignored.

Kadeau is one of the better restaurants I visited in Copenhagen. It flies a bit under the radar, but don't let it pass you by. The experience is absolutely stellar and one NOT to be missed when visiting this city.

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