December 28, 2022

I wanted to try another Daniel Boloud spot, given how much I have enjoyed my visits to Daniel. We stopped in for lunch and all of the hallmarks are there - sumptuous seating, rich decor, formal service. The space itself is a bit odd - insanely high ceilings and greenery all around. I'm not sure I fully "got it". But it was lovely nonetheless.

The food was a bit all over the place. The initial avocado salad (which was a gift from the kitchen - we didn't order it) was the clear winner. Bright, varied, delicious, textures...that dish had it going on! The pasta app was excellent and the salad was good. The main fish courses disappointed a bit. Excellent cooking, but fell short on flavors.

The biggest surprise was the side of mushrooms, which delivered like an afterthought. Just...cooked mushrooms. No additional flavors or elevation. Extremely disappointing from a restaurant of this caliber.

Our server was excellent and the glass of wine I had was outstanding, perfectly described by the sommelier (who seemed a bit out of place). 

Overall, a solid "B". I wouldn't avoid this place, but definitely won't be seeking it out again. I can imagine it's a great, steady place to have a regular lunch in the city.

Grilled avocado, castle valley einkorn berries, charred kale, yogurt green goddess. A gift from the kitchen to start, and it was as delicious as it is beautiful.
Bucantini pasta, shrimp, cuttlefish, tomato, parsley, guanciale. Very yummy. Lots of bright acidity from the tomatoes. Pasta was perfection.
Winter chicory and black truffle salad. Heermance farm salanova lettuce, italian chicories, sourdough “friselle,” hazelnut gremolata, king trumpet mushrooms, brussels sprouts, black truffle vinaigrette. This was nice, but didn't blow you away. The croutons were soaked in something and they were terrific.
Side of wild mushrooms. Teresa and I can never turn down mushrooms. These were surprisingly meh. Nothing to elevate them - just cooked mushrooms. Nice product, but expected a bit of flavor to bring them to a new level.
Grilled black bass, bok choy, basil, chili vinaigrette. Visually beautiful, though the flavors fell a bit flat. When you got punches of heat from the chili, the dish came together. But those punches were difficult to find.
Hazelnut-crusted flounder, celery root mousseline, sauce truffe noire. Tasted better than it looked.


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