January 17, 2020

A truly stellar 17 "moment" dinner. So top notch. Immediately booked their sister restaurant for a few days later.

Codfish cake, codfish, egg yolk
Nori roll, monkfish, chives
Seaweed gel base, Crab meat, seawater foam - super sweet crab playing off earthy, briny seawater... Amazing!
Cockles, lemon, coriander
Smoked pumpkin, miso, walnuts
Potato, smoked bone marrow, quail egg yolk (little bites of pickled purple potato throughout). Incredibly well conceived dish!
Oyster, almond, luvich (the green stuff...cross between celery and parsley), dichon
Warm towel. For your hands. Not to eat.
To pique your curiousity...
Wheat/sourdough Bread with 4 dips/topping: 1. Steak sauce (gravy) 2. Emulsion of fish collagen with oil 3. Cows butter aged 8 weeks finished with Portuguese sea salt and coriander (OMG!!!) 4. Organic Portuguese olive oil (OMG!!!) Paired with a non-alcoholic, fermented, carbonated pineapple juice. Each component stood on its own, then married deliciously. And so much fun to eat!! I'll remember this course for a long time!
Red shrimp ceviche (some definite heat in the sauce underneath) paired with...
...a drink made from the shrimp heads - ceviche has a definite spice bite, shrimp head drink was insanely strong
Wild mushrooms with gelatin in a mushroom broth. You had me at wild mushrooms.
Codfish, black garlic, skins of (something). First real miss. Far too salty, not sure what role greens were playing.
Caramelized stewed lamb. Traditional dish. Good, not great.
Quail, Jerusalem artichokes, sauce with burned cream. That sauce was out of this world!
Fermented beet root with hibiscus and plum (one bite, outer shell gives way to a cold, floral liquid which explodes in your mouth)
Chestnut puree, something parfait, citrus on top. Incredibly well balanced and layered dish. (Earthy chestnuts, bright citrus, cool parfait)
Making the next dish tableside
Japanese inspired shaved ice, Grilled pineapple,
Doesn't everyone make tea this way?
Final doses of sugar.
The interior has won design awards. This is the entrance.
20 seats in the restaurant. One seating per night. The kitchen is essentially in the dining room. You watch the entire meal made right in front of you.


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