Cozy French bistro found in Georgetown celebrating local and seasonal ingredients from the surrounding region.

Everyone is talking about Lutèce. A few months back at Minibar, the very well versed woman I sat next to urged me to add it to this itinerary. The look in her eye assured that it would.

Had we any concerns, the sommelier at Jont a few nights previous nearly leapt over the counter with excitement when we mentioned we were eating here. Funny enough, he arrived for his seat at the same time and hugged us like we were old friends.

20230619_192513.jpgYou'd walk past this place otherwise. A quaint French bistro in the middle of Georgetown. Other than the fact that it is packed to the gills - and turning away more than a few without reservations - there is nothing to indicate what is really going on inside this place.

The food here is simply outstanding. Like, really really good. I love seeing a menu where I want literally everything on it. Diverse and creative. It all looks wonderful. But does not accurately describe the level of cooking you are about to enjoy. It's phenomenal. 

We started with the bread. I don't love focaccia and Teresa and I have a standing rule to not eat the bread at places like this (a rule we have never followed even once). But the Jont somm practically begged us to get it. And he was not wrong. One of the better bread and butter combinations I have ever had. (Though my mind always returns to Daniel.)

The fluke crudo was to die for. So dang bright and herbaceous. And so beautiful! I kept going back to it. The star, though, was the fennel salad. Wow! In the same league as Manresa's - I could have just had the salad and walked away incredibly happy. 

The mains took a step back. The snapper was overcooked and salty. The duck was fabulous, but the steak was also far too salty. A shame for such an incredible start.

But this place does live up. For "normal" restaurant price points, you are eating Michelin level food for sure. Fingers crossed that they get a very well deserved star.

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