David Chang's notorious restaurant chain.

My first visit to a David Chang restaurant. He has an empire, afterall - helmed by his Momofuku brand. (He also hosts a podcast, which includes the excellent interview of the Joe Beef guys I posted here.)

This was some delicious food - perfect for a late night bite following a Broadway play. Found at Columbus Circle in the same building that houses Per Se and Masa, Momofuku Noodle Bar provides really stellar food at a completely reasonable price point. (My entire meal was $40.)

You're not going to lean back and wonder where such intense flavor profiles came from, or how they made each item so stellar. It doesn't knock you off your seat. But it is delicious and begs you to keep eating. 

Service was harried. I felt mostly ignored and had to track my waiter down to ask for the bao buns I ordered. (They had clearly forgotten about them.) But no matter - you're not here for the service. The food is totally worth it, especially if you're a ramen nut like I am.

Well done, Chef Chang. I'll definitely be back.

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