A quick and unexpected trip to Lyon, France (the gastronomic center of the world) got me incredibly excited to see what was available. Unfortunately, last minute reservations and a national holiday left many restaurants closed. We found ourselves in front of Prairial by chance. It was late for lunch (2pm or so?) so we decided to try it out.

And am I glad we did!

This was one of the most exquisite meals I have ever taken part in. A tasting where every single dish is off the charts with flavor. The execution of each dish was surpassed by its creativity. Clearly a chef that is at the top of his craft. I asked to speak with him after the meal but he had gone home (or so I was told). I yearned to tell him what an incredible experience he had provided us.

The two ladies waiting on us were pedestrian, one speaking so softly that we couldn't even understand what she was saying. But oh, the dishes they put in front of us.

This was one of the very best meals of my life. I doubt it will be surpassed.

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