February 20, 2018

A quick and unexpected trip to Lyon, France (the gastronomic center of the world) got me incredibly excited to see what was available. Unfortunately, last minute reservations and a national holiday left many restaurants closed. We found ourselves in front of Prairial by chance. It was late for lunch (2pm or so?) so we decided to try it out.

And am I glad we did!

This was one of the most exquisite meals I have ever taken part in. A tasting where every single dish is off the charts with flavor. The execution of each dish was surpassed by its creativity. Clearly a chef that is at the top of his craft. I asked to speak with him after the meal but he had gone home (or so I was told). I yearned to tell him what an incredible experience he had provided us.

The two ladies waiting on us were pedestrian, one speaking so softly that we couldn't even understand what she was saying. But oh, the dishes they put in front of us.

This was one of the very best meals of my life. I doubt it will be surpassed.

If you're ever in Lyon, go here for lunch. (And make a reservation for la Musee for dinner. We couldn't get in.)
Cauliflower. Pillow: corn and carroway seeds inside
Soup - smoked bread with bacon and onions
Chicoree with mushrooms inside. So unique and delicious.
My chicoree plate towards the end. Gives you a sense of the mushroom ragout inside.
Sauce for the chicoree, made of coffee and alcohol. Complimentee it perfectly.
Scallops with spinach and wildflowers, prawn consume. Scallops were insane. Flowers yummy. And that consume...I can't fathom a better stock.
My scallop plate when I was done.
Turbot (white fish) with carrots and pine needles sauce. Pine needles reminded us of our dinner at Damon Baehrel. So much to say about this dish. Turbot is similar to halibut. A range of flavors on the plate which were perfect for the canvas of the fish. Carrots were the most carroty ever.
The best composed dish I have ever had. Pigeon with smoked (BBQ) beet root and pigeon sauce. The pigeon was beyond flavorful and just a little gamy tasting (like venison), which was perfectly balanced by the sweetness and smokiness of the beets. We could not get over this dish. Incredible.
Part 1 of the cheese course. ("Would you care for cheese before your dessert?" "Um...hell yes I want cheese before dessert!" ?. ) Cheeses were terrific. Oh...did I mention the 5 wine pairings? They were each phenomenal and perfectly matched.
Part 2 of the cheese course. Goat cheese. May be the best thing I've ever eaten. The texture (soft as cool whip, but more body), flavors (light cheese, rich oil, salt, herbs). It was mind blowing.
A better look at that cheese dish...
Gives you an idea of the consistency...how insanely light and fluffy it was.
When the waitress asked if I was finished with it... :D
"Pre dessert". Pineapple herb sherbet with coconut cream (mostly hidden behind the sherbet). So sweet...and that coconut cream...whoa!!
Chocolate, cream of yuzu, white flour ice cream, chocolate crumble. Again...too much to describe. Those chocolate sheets...you could barely touch them without them falling apart. The crumble was insane. The three custards were various tart levels to balance, each with a candy sheet added to it.
To wrap up, 4 additional desserts/candies.


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