Pacing. Pacing! Even the very best meals can not be enjoyed if they are rushed or if they take forever. We selected the 5-course menu and were told to expect a 2-2.5 hour experience. That alone it too long (30 minutes per course?). We ended up leaving 3.5 hours in (at midnight), skipping dessert to do so. It was simply too long and too late. This pacing overshadowed the entire meal. 

Which is too bad. The food was inconsistent but good, especially for this price point ($120/pp). You got a lot for your money, including quality food and cooking. Some dishes shone bright, others fell flat. But with a few additions and an impressive "Chef's Spread", there is plenty to come back for if you have nowhere to be...for a few days.

The setting alone is worth it. It's simply gorgeous. You walk up and want to be in this space, whether in the outdoor seating or indoor, by the firepit or at table. It's beautiful.

Service lacked. I arrived early and was sat by a beautiful fire pit and handed a wine list. It was 10-15 minutes before anyone came back to see if I actually wanted to order anything - which I did. It was another 20 minutes before the wine actually arrived. Pretty big hospitality miss right off the bat - and certainly foreshadowed the rest of the evening. The staff were friendly and earnest...but did not match the setting.

The disconnect between the setting (which set your expectations at a certain level) and the food and service (which did not measure up) kept me off balance. Particularly disappointing were the vegan dishes delivered to my friend. I would have expected far more from a farm restaurant than what was delivered.

If I lived in the area, this is a nice date night. Beautiful setting, food that strives to be better than most. But this restaurant had a ton of misses and, at its core, is not up to Michelin standards.

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