World street food market with stalls from around the world, built at a seaport with shipping containers.

This is an unplanned entry. Reffen was supposed to be a fun stop for lunch - a known and highly recommended place in Copenhagen. It sits in a far corner of the city inside a shipyard and is made up of tiny food stalls (made from shipping containers) featuring street food from around the world. 

The place is amazing. I tried 3 dishes (Nepalese, Kurdish and Thai) - each one better than the next and costing about $13. The food is fresh and the people working each stall is authentic.

Should I ever move to Copenhagen, I'm getting a house near Reffen. It is an endless supply of incredible food and culture exposure you can't get without a whole lot of airline miles.

This blog is not intended to be a restaurant review blog, nor even a Michelin-focused blog. It's about experiences - those that I have that I feel would be worth your time to either read about or perhaps go and do yourself.

Reffen fits perfectly.

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