Chef Dan Silverman's (Union Square Cafe, Minetta Tavern) northern outpost on the banks of the Hudson River.

Our 3rd visit this year, this time with my brother. We ordered the cycle - every dish on the menu (and 2 of a few we knew we'd want more of). It was interesting getting the full view of their menu all at once.

Standouts were our favorite gem salad and definitely that burger! "May be the best burger I have ever eaten" raved my brother. And he's right. The burrata dish was vastly improved, swapping the apricot for squash puree and the prosciutto for speck. It made that dish a winner. The crudo was also improved with tuna (not hamachi). The cheese plate at the end of the meal would not be a typical order, but having had it, it will be from here forward. The (local) cheese was incredible and the accoutrements were stellar.

Supply chain and staff shortage issues provided huge disappointments though. The steak was mediocre at best. How does a place like this, cooking on fire, not have a killer steak?? The duck, while still excellent, was served cold (both plates - we ordered 2 of them). And they didn't have the fries we fell in love with last time. The replacements were McDonald's knock-offs. Perhaps fine had we not had the other ones.

This restaurant continues to be our favorite in the area. We'll now know where to zero in on the menu on return visits. Continues to be highly recommended.


Our first return visit, Teresa's choice for her birthday. A few things improved, including the overall atmosphere. The region has clearly discovered this place and there were lots of friendly and happy faces enjoying themselves in this incredible space. The biggest standout from last time (that salad!) was just as outstanding. The duck was almost as good. And an introduction to their burger was a true surprise - clearly plenty of thought went into it.

A few misses for me though. The haricot verts were just "fine" and the roasted apricots missed the mark.

That said, it's still one of the very best restaurants in our (larger) region and highly recommended. I'll be back in a few weeks with my brother and we will be "ordering the cycle" (asking for 1 of every dish on the menu). Stay tuned.  :)

This restaurant was a total shock. I read about it in a NY Times article about chefs having left New York City during COVID and never returned. Chef Dan Silverman (from Balthazar and Minetta Tavern) did exactly that, right here in Kingston. 

The restaurant focuses on fire and open flame. The setting is tremendous - an open pavilion set on the banks of the Hudson River in an abandoned brickyard. Iron towers of broken bricks and large piles of firewood tell you everything you need to know about what this place is all about.

But the food! Let me tell you. It was stellar. Visually stunning. Well crafted. And absolutely delicious. Unbelievable to find this quality of food in this region.

While the duck was from Long Island (as we sit in the Hudson Valley...?), the dish was masterful. I almost ordered a 2nd one. The salad was alive with flavor. And the panna cotta (which our friendly waitress promised was worth it) was sublime.

This place is a breath of fresh air. Literally.  :)  I greatly looking forward to returning.

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