Wolfgang Puck's signature Beverly Hills restaurant in Vegas overlooking the Bellagio fountains

Grabbed a last-minute brunch at Wolfgang Puck's Spago and was very pleasantly surprised! Having read some mixed reviews, I wasn't sure what to expect. But this was an outstanding restaurant. Service was very friendly, formal and welcoming. The brunch menu was fantastic - I wanted everything! And the atmosphere was great, with a live DJ mixing fun music creating a modern, upbeat vibe.

The mojito was the best I've ever had and definitely piqued my interest for the food to come. And it was a proper foreshadow. The oysters were phenomenal, the tuna poke delicious - the accompanying nori crackers were phenomenal. Puck's signature smoked salmon pizza was really delicious, save for what I felt was a bit too much of the dill/creme-fraiche sauce, which dominated the superb pizza crust and made it eat a little sloppier to eat.

Super glad I came here. I'll definitely try dinner at Spago next time I'm able.  

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