December 29, 2022

Omakase comes at many different price points throughout the city. I have had some outstanding version (such as Sushi Zo) and some really expensive ones (such as lunch at Sushi Ginza Onodera). Others were "fine". (Omakase is never bad!)

Sushi Noz is among the most expensive in the city, coming in at $500 a seat. This was a splurge of the highest order, but one to visit a place that has quite a bit of buzz surrounding it.

This place does not disappoint.

I made sure to get a seating with Noz himself, as opposed to a sous chef. Aside from being ridiculously good looking, he was affable and open and welcoming. There is zero pretention in him or the experience. It is friendly and easy, which is delightful.

The experience opens up with 5 "plates" of food - finished dishes that were varied and ridiculously delicious. The final "stew" is among the most delicious things I've ever had - so unctuous and perfectly cooked. There was a lot of food in there!

All the while,  you watch as he prepares your fish for the evening. His skills are truly superb. One of the videos below shows his knife work in close-up detail. Everything he did was with that level of precision. Watching the Japanese culture of quiet perfection, calm and cleanliness is always such a treat.

The 10 or so sushi courses that followed were each just stellar. The rice, the fish, the temperature, the mouth feel...each bite was varied and exciting. Needlefish is a new addition that I don't believe I have had before and was likely the best's a crazy delicious fish! The uni was the best I have ever had, bar none.

During the entire meal, two geisha serve you from behind. They are quiet but incredibly helpful and efficient. At one point, I began to push my chair back to find the restroom. As if she was standing there already, she gently put her hand on my shoulder and said "Someone is currently in the restroom but I will be delighted to let you know when it's free." Which she did a bit later with as much soft hospitality as one could stand. I made sure to thank them both on my way out because their investment in the experience was felt.

With terrific final bites of the best miso soup I've ever had, the traditional egg cake, yummy tea and a delicious dessert, this meal could not be improved upon. I sat next to a regular who confidently told me that this is simply the best in the city. There is no way I would argue the point.

From the personalized welcome note in a beautiful envelope when you arrive to Chef Noz waiting by the door to graciously bow and sincerely thank you as you leave, this experience is the best it can be. Yes - an insanely expensive one. But you feel the value. You see the value. You definitely taste the value! If you can afford a visit, I can't recommend this highly enough.

The personalized note that greets you as you sit down. (Next...Chef Noz making the sushi rice for the evening...)
A look at Chef Noz slicing fish
Taro Yam and Hairy Crab. So delicious. We watched him preparing octopus as we ate this. His technique was nothing I had ever seen before. See the video next. (He threw it down in front of me simply because I was filming.)
Giant octopus. So good.
Trigger fish.
Rock fish and blue seaweed
King fish
Showing off the scallops for an upcoming dish Check out his knife skills in the next video.
Cod egg. A stew with scallop, mushroom, rice. Impossible to describe how delicious this bowl of food was.
Needlefish. Never had this before and it is SOOOOO delicious!
Mackerel. Look at that fish!
Lean Tuna
Fatty Tuna
King Salmon
Wild Yellowtail
Sea Urchin. Far and away the best I've ever had.
Sea Eel (Anago), as opposed to River Eel (Unagi)
Kinmedai Akadashi Soup. The best miso soup I've ever had.
Final tea
Hokkaido Milk ice cream and Le Lectier


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