Stopped in for a quick lunch in the bar room here before visiting MoMA. Even with 2 stars, it's not a place I would target based on my previous visit. But it's literally connected to MoMA and I was introducing a friend to high-end eating, so it made sense. On paper.

Why does this restaurant have 2 stars? Why does it even have 1? I haven't a clue. The cooking is good - better than a random restaurant in NYC. But without a vision or soul. No inspiration. Simple dishes done well, but that's it. 

Empty oyster shellAnd the service was laughable. You would likely be better off in this regard at a random other NYC establishment. My friend shared an oyster with me which I put on my bread plate. Upon clearing the appetizers, it remained on the table and was there through the end of the meal. 2 Michelin stars? Denny's would do better. They wine I ordered arrived 30 minutes into the meal, after the appetizers. And they were out of the one I requested.

I'm not sure what else I can say. Don't come here. There is no reason to.

My first visit was for lunch - the tasting menu in the dining room. I remember it was fine. The dishes are beautiful to look at but lacked anything to really draw you in. It is like the chef was mimicking what he has seen without having really lived it enough to know.

The service was top notch - it's what Danny Meyer is known for. But the entirety of the delivery (food, ambience, etc.) is detached, never fully welcoming you "in" to feel at home in the experience.

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