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I have been fortunate enough to enjoy a wide variety of experiences thus far in my life. I currently own a web development company - my 3rd occupation following middle school band director and Pastor of a christian church. My parents fueled my love of travel and travel open you to the experiences of the differing cultures and experiences our world has to offer. For me, food is at the center of those experiences.

The common thread in the diversity mentioned above is service. Helping and teaching others. That's what I love to do, in any form. I love to observe it being delivered at a high level, even if it's not to me. Watching a musician ply their craft to provide an incredible experience, an art gallery transport someone to a new place, a teacher help someone see and achieve more than they thought was possible, a parent lift their child beyond their current station - these experiences move me.

It's what I love about these types of experiences. Sure, the food. But the entirety of the experience - the setting, the service, the forethought, the excellence. Doing something the best it can be done...because it deserves to be done that way. It's inspiring. And for me, it's the crux of life.

My mom passed away too early from ALS, which infused me with a sense of "Do it now, before you are unable to." We all have our own "it" in that statement. Mine is travel and food. This blog is a catalog of those experiences.


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