Dave Shacket's Food Adventures

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. It's pretty simple - I love eating in great places and traveling to do so. This is my catalog of where I have been. Truth be told, it's helpful for me most of all - quick recall of a given meal or dish. But if it helps or inspires you too, all the better. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences throughout the site. Enjoy your visit here! And hope you're eating really well too.


recent visits

Nov 20 2023
Gramercy Tavern New York City, New York 1 Michelin Star
Nov 19 2023
Rezdora New York City, New York 1 Michelin Star
Nov 09 2023
Kosen Tampa, Florida
Oct 11 2023
Urko Quito, Equador
Oct 10 2023
Central Lima, Peru
Oct 02 2023
Mérito Lima, Peru

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