The world-class restaurant which shocked the world in 2021 by going completely vegan.

I was delighted to get a reservation here, so soon after shocking the world that they were to become a vegan restaurant. The burning question is: how does a restaurant provide a food quality that  3 Michelin diners have come to expect without using any animal-based products? Can that even be done??

I should say upfront that I applaud EMP for their vision and commitment here. Whatever one may think of the decision on its face, we all must acknowledge that they have put their entire business on the line to forge a new path, with the goal of shaping a more sustainable future ahead. Gutsy. They also provide 5 meals for the food-insecure for every 1 they serve - something more and more high-end restaurants are doing these days. Bravo.

So did they succeed? I would say...not quite yet. But they are certainly farther along than I anticipated. A few dishes in there are definitely 3-star. The pea lettuce wraps and bread/butter were absolute standouts. Others were clear misses to me. Many relied too heavily on acid (in attempt to pack flavor, I imagine). Others simply seemed to need more refinement. Not surprising for such an early delivery of a brand new menu and vision.

I will be interested to return in a few year and see how the meal has progressed here. I would encourage you to go - if for no other reason than to open your mind to what vegan cuisine can be.

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