There are a number of high end sushi places in New York City, all sourcing ingredients from Japan on a daily basis. I have not (yet) been to others, but this one set the bar quite high. 8 seats wrapped around 2 chefs who are clear experts at their craft. And quite fun - with funny knife poses (when the cameras were on them) and humor throughout, they clearly wanted the experience to match the fish.

And oh man, the fish. Never in my life has every piece of fish been so sublime. From the quality to the preparation and (notably) the temperature. Each piece seemed to be served at the perfect temperature to maximize flavor and texture.

They do not have a sake pairing, which I found odd. But they did have an excellent sake and wine menu.

The photos below are only some of the 20 or so courses/bites but should give you an idea of what you are in for. I would be delighted to return.


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